At SA-iPark we use the latest technology available to drive a ticketless and cashless environment. Whilst ourwell trained employees bridge the gap between technology and the customer. The first parking site in South.Africa to have a working tap & go payments system at the entry and exit booms were our Fourways Mallparking facility. We make use of numerous cashless payments structures for our customer’s convenience suchas apple pay, samsung pay and zapper. SA-iPark continuously monitor and investigate digital andtechnological ways to improve our parking facilities and business into a ticketless, cashless and presence-lessmodel.

Parking Facilities

We work closely with our clients to develop the best possible solution for each parking facility, whilst taking the needs of tenants and their customers into careful consideration.

Installation and Management

We know parking is an afterthought in many developments and a minor part of most. SA-iPark thus helps take away this headache.

Cash Control

We carry the full risk and liability of revenue and revenue interest until it is in your bank account. We keep accurate reports of all revenue.