Current Projects

SA-iPark is currently busy with an array of projects to digitise parking facilities to ticketless, cashless, and presence-less facilities where possible.  Our goal is to create a seamless digital journey with contactless EMV and mobile transactions for a faster, smoother, and safer parking experience.  These projects include the following:

  • Contactless EMV at our entry and exit points in our parking facilities.
  • Centralised, off-site control rooms to operate an untroubled, well-ordered, and fast customer service program
  • QR codes for promotional use in retail parking facilities are currently a successful revenue stream
  • Screens on pay stations provide easy-to-follow payment instructions with an added value, that is used for advertising with various retail outlets.
  • We have installed several charging stations for electric vehicles, in our parking facilities, starting in Gauteng.

These examples are simply to demonstrate how we are always trying to serve both our property clients and parking customers with excellence, commitment, and value.

Mission, Vision and Values

SA-iPark’s mission is to be a progressive leader in providing premium professional parking facility management to all customers.

SA-iPark Genesis

Responding to the increased demand for secure and professional parking management, SA-iPark was established in 2013 as a premium parking management service delivery model.

Parking Facilities

We work closely with our clients to develop the best possible solution for each parking facility, whilst taking the needs of tenants and their customers into careful consideration.