Training at SA-iPark

Over the years we have invested heavily in developing relevant and impactful training and meaningful benefits. Our extensive (and sometimes intensive!) training helps them perform at their best whilst our wide-ranging benefits keep them a part of our caring family. We believe that not only are we investing in our success but we are equipping and supporting our staff so that they can achieve at work and in their lives outside of work.

SA-iPark’s external online training partner, Seesa Training is fully SETA approved and compliant. Use Seesa enhances our organisational efficiency, exposes us to best-practice expertise, and improves employee retention.

Training courses are obligatory and are conducted in the following subjects customer care and service, safety and security awareness, occupational health and safety, perilous environment, fire and emergencies, and traffic management.

Our extensive training program includes the acknowledgment and rewarding of top performers. Specific benchmarks are employed to identify and acknowledge achievements in the training programs and outstanding staff in our car parks. These employees are rewarded with a variety of cash, gifts, and experiences.

Mission, Vision and Values

SA-iPark’s mission is to be a progressive leader in providing premium professional parking facility management to all customers.

SA-iPark Genesis

Responding to the increased demand for secure and professional parking management, SA-iPark was established in 2013 as a premium parking management service delivery model.

Parking Facilities

We work closely with our clients to develop the best possible solution for each parking facility, whilst taking the needs of tenants and their customers into careful consideration.