Mission, Vision and Values

SA-iPark’s mission is to be a progressive leader in providing premium professional parking facility management to all customers while optimizing return of investment for landlords and investors by incorporating the latest technology.

Our highly committed team will provide a comfortable and inviting parking experience to all customers by delivering high standards of excellence and care.

SA-iPark Stands For:

Individuality: We don’t believe all car parks are the same. We treat each car park and parking issue on its own merits. We tailor solutions for our customers.

Commitment to Excellence: We believe that the only way to operate is to be the best in our field.  Continuous improvement in all that we do is part of our mantra.

Ethics: We believe in reliability, transparency, and accountability. Our accountable pricing models guarantee that customers are only charged for the services they need.

Teamwork: Managing large investment assets means working together to find the best solution for all.

Innovation: We believe there are always small ways to help improve the customer’s experience. Solutions may start small but they often grow into the building blocks for major improvements.

Wellness at SA-iPark

Life is not all about work. SA-iPark’s employee wellness program is designed to improve health, productivity and quality of life.

Parking Facilities

We work closely with our clients to develop the best possible solution for each parking facility, whilst taking the needs of tenants and their customers into careful consideration.

Current Projects

SA-iPark is currently busy with an array of projects to digitize parking facilities to ticketless, cashless and presence-less facilities where possible.