We carry the full risk and liability of revenue and revenue interest until it is in your bank account. We keep accurate reports of all revenue. Safety protocols are imperative to avoid large amounts of cash in any one location. Cash in transit will collect all money on a daily basis and deliver the cash float for all top-up purposes.

The off-site accountants based at head office are always logged-in on the parking system accounting software.Parallel to the cash income audit SA-iPark also reconcile the tickets issued by the entry stations versus tickets paid at pay-stations versus tickets read by exit stations. All tickets should be accounted for, from stock ordered through to the Exit devices.

VIP Services

Simply book your VIP service online to make use of our benefits at your selected SA-iPark managed shopping mall (available at selected parkades only).

Installation and Management

We know parking is an afterthought in many developments and a minor part of most. SA-iPark thus helps take away this headache.

EMV Payment

At SA-iPark we use the latest technology available to drive a ticketless and cashless environment.Whilst our well trained employees bridge the gap between technology and the customer.